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Friday, September 30, 2011

Paris Fashion Week

So far it's on day four and I'm in love with about four collections:

Rue du Mail: the futuristic take on what seems to me to be reminiscent of samari armour, it's also feminine in it's mix of varying textures. It looks luxurious and chic.

If I had the disposable income I would buy almost the entire collections of both Balmain and Barbara Bui. Elegant, expensive, well tailored. Balmain is a little more structured in most of their pieces where Barbara Bui has clean lines ans is a little more approachable but I love them both. Though I may break them up and not wear them exactly as it was worn on the runway, they can be all mixed and matched with other items. LOVE.

Christian Dior: Well the name speaks for itself. Despite Galliano's departure from the brand (yes he will be missed) I liked the little mosaic detail and the twist of 1920's with modern feminity portraying the strong, sexy woman of today in luxe fabrics in a mixture of graphic and quiet prints it was beautiful all the same.

Lanvin: was another favourite of mine. With it's squared shoulders and sleek silhouettes in blacks, neutrals and whites. It was sleek and chic and you do not want to mess with the woman who wears these clothes as she knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

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