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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Semester 5 CAFD

Hello dolls, sorry it took so long for me to update my work at school but here it is I'm so proud of myself. So these are last semesters garments the skirt is the deconstruction project the pant and jacket were inspired by Antonio Berardi and the dress well I was in a Audrey Hepburn state of mind as I had Funny face fresh in my mind and well the necklace on the dress I made as well for jewellery class. A lot of surface treatment and love but I got it done.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nicole Miller on All on the Line with Joe Zee

I know I know, I'm late on the whole "All on the line with Joe Zee" band wagon but in my defence juggling school and family life is quit time consuming. It's such and educational show for me as I'm on a little island and not so exposed to the fashion world as I'd like to be. It was a confirmation to me on seeing this episode that and fashion house can be at a loss of what to do to move forward and make their names credible among the younger demographic. I feel a little intimidated too. But talent as I've experienced cannot be contained and if persistent enough it will be given it's time to prove itself worthy in the spotlight. As beautiful as the fashion world is, it is unpredictable and can reject you faster than it accepted you as the journey to recognition is a long and difficult one. Ah but when you're there I'm sure it tingles "poetry in motion" I always say. It's like a forbidden affair with a triple layered chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream when you're on a strict diet of nothing but vegetable, fruits and water. It woos you into it's seductive lair of shoes,handbags, coats, dresses .....and then you're hooked for life.

Nicole Miller's Spring collection was pure genius, it was edgy and cool, youthful; it had the ooo factor. You women know what I mean, when you see the first look you go ooo that's cute, then to the next look and ooo love that. The mix of fabrics and print were clever and interesting. The same for her pre-fall and fall collections. Personally a designers collection is supposed to make you want to be the girl they portray and I thin she nailed it this year. Thanks to Joe Zee's guidance. Well you be the judge