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Friday, September 30, 2011

Paris Fashion Week

So far it's on day four and I'm in love with about four collections:

Rue du Mail: the futuristic take on what seems to me to be reminiscent of samari armour, it's also feminine in it's mix of varying textures. It looks luxurious and chic.

If I had the disposable income I would buy almost the entire collections of both Balmain and Barbara Bui. Elegant, expensive, well tailored. Balmain is a little more structured in most of their pieces where Barbara Bui has clean lines ans is a little more approachable but I love them both. Though I may break them up and not wear them exactly as it was worn on the runway, they can be all mixed and matched with other items. LOVE.

Christian Dior: Well the name speaks for itself. Despite Galliano's departure from the brand (yes he will be missed) I liked the little mosaic detail and the twist of 1920's with modern feminity portraying the strong, sexy woman of today in luxe fabrics in a mixture of graphic and quiet prints it was beautiful all the same.

Lanvin: was another favourite of mine. With it's squared shoulders and sleek silhouettes in blacks, neutrals and whites. It was sleek and chic and you do not want to mess with the woman who wears these clothes as she knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

London Fashion Week

Sorry I know I'm a bit late in writing this, now finding the time. I saw New York and London Fashion Week and we're in the middle of Milan. London Fashion Week really stayed true to their sense of style, a mismatch of different styles and aesthetics in a eclectic mix that can clearly be seen as London Fashion. My favourites were 

  • Aquascutum- loved their women and men's collections it catered to the wealthy woman with an edge. It was chic   and luxurious.
  • Antonio Beradi- this was a red and white with a bit of black collection basically but it was beautifully executed, it was layed back but sophisticated. Wasn't a fan of the print fabric but everything else was beautiful.
  • Pringle of Scotland- loved this collection. The colours, the layering, the styling. Shared similar colours to Burberry another favourite.
  • Burberry- loved the 1950's silhouette dresses cinched at the waist ending with full skirts. Absolutely beautiful.When that first dress (plum) came down the runway I was hooked
  • Peter Pilotto- had a beautiful play of colours. Reminded me of a Caribbean woman or lounging at the pool of a resort in St Barts.
  • Caroline Charles- reminded me or Aquascutum but on a different spin. It was luxurious and chic. Really loved this one as well.
  • Orla Kely-I would totally wear this collection it had a mod feel. Loved the print with the black and white silhouettes of women.
  • Mathew Williamson- very on trend with bold colours. Had a Bohemian with modern twist. Silhouettes were flowy and feminine. There were feathers in a few ensembles as well, which I'm not a big fan of but it worked

I could go on but these were some of my favourites that I would wear if I had a disposable income lol. 

  • James Long- what were you thinking. Way to femine of a mens line for my taste.
  • JW Anderson- had some really cool pieces for men until I saw a pasley onsie come down the runway. Are we dressing men or babies. I mean really.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emmy Awards 2011

Ok, I didn't get to see the Emmy Awards but I just had to rummage through the internet to look for the red carpet looks that hit and miss the mark of the night. So I'll go down the list of who I liked and disliked the most:

Drew Barrymore- I love you but your Givenchy Haute Couture dress had schizophrenic tendencies and did nothing your curvy figure. As for the colour it washed her out, make up and hair were nice though.

Christine Hendricks- wore Johanna Johnson. The beadwork was impeccable and I loved the top part but the train was too heavy and took away from the dress.

Gweneth Paltrow- What were you thinking, please tell me. The black lace with nude lining and midriff bearing dress by Emilio Pucci tsk tsk. I missed her usual polished look. She totally missed the mark with this one

Heidi Clum- wore Christian Siriano. It looked like a can can dancers dress.

Jayn Mays from Glee- wore a pale pink tiered Zuhair Murad gown, it was too close to her complexion colour and a little too sweet for my taste but that's just me.


Nina Dobreve- from CW Vampire Diaries was a siren in a red number by Donna Karan

Elie Saab reigned in the Awards last night- Kate Winslet in a red cap sleeved v-neck gown that fit her to perfection, Emily Blunt in a midnight blue v-neck gown more on the whimsical side but gorgeous all the same and Evan Rachel Wood in a black cap sleeved dress with a train, it was stunning and her styling suit the dress as well.

Julia Stiles- wore a lavender lace George Hobeika gown it was beautifully draped and conformed to her body like a second skin.

Head on over to  and look at Fashion Police reviews

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012

Hello Fabulous people, who crave a world of beauty in as many aspects that they can get. We're currently experiencing the event that is Fashion Week and it's fuelled by Mercedes-Benz. The art, the glamour and the shopaholic trendsetter's dream hits the runway in springs colours tangerine tango, solar power,margarita, cabaret sodalite blue,  bellflower, driftwood, cockatoo, sweet lilac and starfish. The beautiful prints and innovative designs that grace the runway are impeccably constructed and leave you wanting more. bcbgMaxAzria feminie but edgy which I love personally, Richard Chai (loved the prints, the designs, everything), Derek Lam (full skirts a little below the knee, a little pop of colour in a yellow top and tangerine dress, all in all a beautifully executed feminine, fresh collection).
Head on over to to watch reruns and live feeds of runway shows. Just watched Derek Lam's show. Was so in awe of the phenomenal craftsmanship , two thumbs up. Brava.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Missoni For Target

I am so loving the new line that Missoni has done for Target. It keeps in theme of colours and patterns for fall but in a fresh, young way. It's signature zig zag line design makes any piece from the collection look like a statement piece and can be mixed and matched with items from your wardrobe and bring new life to any outfit. And did I mention affordable. Along with the line are rugs, plates, bathroom items (shower curtains etc.), kitchenware, hair accessories. They've really tried to make their Target line accessible even if you're not interested in the clothes you have a list of other things to be taken up in. I personally love it and think their aesthetic very refreshing. xoxo to Missoni gotta love it.
Check out the full collection at or at

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Autumn Fashion Trends

We're seeing colour this Fall/Winter and its seen on Hollywood's trend setters on the Red Carpet in interesting prints (Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab @ Cannes Festival, Eva Mendes in Oscar de la Renta @ AMPAS), and beautifully constructed gowns and frocks, there's also the classic black, black and white and polka dot done with a twist ( Kate Winslet was  seen in a stunning number from Stella McCartney). All in all this season is full of items that are feminine, sexy and leaves you wanting more (as fashion usually does).
Head on over to to see pics.

There's not much that hasn't been done in fashion, it just takes a creative mind to be inspired to tweak and transform all that has been done and make their own masterpiece.

A word of advice a trend should be worn as a reflection of your personal style and what suits your body type, not you reflecting the style and it doing nothing for you body type. So choose wisely when shopping. Pick pieces that go well with what you already have in your wardrobe. Don't shop and then need a Xanax because you have buyers remorse. Oh and the biggest don't is don't let the sales assistant talk you into buying anything, instead take a friend you know will be supportive and honest.
Thanks for reading, hope I helped

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello my fabulous people. We are all beautiful and fabulous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Well I've been a bit busy with school starting thins week. Yes its my second year. It's exciting, scary and a whole lot of other emotions rumbling together, lol. I sometimes hold so high an expectation of what to expect I get a bit carried away.
Anyway I though I'd share my final garment with you. It was not an easy task and I'm sorry I can't give you the step by step guide. However I can tell you it's cut on the bias (that means cut diagonally on the grain) so when you look at the fabric up close the weave will look like an x instead of a cross. Hope that helps a bit. I am still struggling with sewing myself and trying to get the hang of all that I'm learning, So hopefully sooner rather than later I can share a lot more with you.
It was one of those assignments where you had to choose an artist and be inspired by the piece and do your own interpretation of it on the fabric. I chose Picasso. It was supposed to be black and white but in design you make it work so now it's blue.