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Friday, September 14, 2012

Coveted September 1

Ah September, you fill my life with such splendour, the glossy pages of magazines are filled to capacity with all things fashion and all things current. The Vogue September Issue was an eyeful this year 916 pages of fall fashion ahhhhhh with Lady Gaga on the cover with a fro and a patchwork mermaid dress. To top off my excitement there's Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week. I honestly haven't seen all the featured designers and I'm slowly going through them to take all the details and comments in but I have seen a few that I've liked so far.... 


A lot of bright colours, colour inserts creating pattern and dimension, her signature beautiful prints, loved.

Calvin Klein did a classic black and white collection.

10 Crosby Derek Lam, I love how fresh and young yet sophisticated his pieces are and how well they look put together. I would wear these looks in a heartbeat.

 Belstaff's use of shades of cool earth tones as they weren't that saturated or rich in colour was a nice touch to the collection it was easygoing so well made I loved this collection I mean the whole thing not one piece I didn't like. Oh the coats and the dresses and the flowy pants. LOVED

CFDA's Swarovski Award winner for womenswear Altuzarra. Let's face it Joseph Altuzarra is a genius when it comes to fashion, his strong edgy, sophisticated woman portrayed is desired by all who love fashion as the models hit the runway. At the end of the day if any designers collection has left you wanting to be the woman or just be her friend you have done your work well. Because fashion is to be desired.Altuzarra Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

In recent years I htink Escada has really stepped it up a notch and deserve to be recognized for it. This collection was clean and fun, loved it. Not to mention youthful and fresh.

To be continued guys......

Chronicles @ UTT continued

Any designer will tell you that the process is a long and difficult one especially with a time crunch hanging over your head. The freedom to express is one thing but after all the research and design, having to think and rethink the reasoning behind your design (is it too literal, will it be translated to the consumer well, are the colours current along with the lines). After this semester I so understand why so many designers or creative people on the whole loose it every now and again. It's like a debate team in your head. You're always second guessing you decisions and wondering if it's all making any sense.
 I truly felt like my mind was on overload and I tried my best to stay calm as I found myself having to explain what was taught to us to my peers that I was set up in groups. I felt mentally drained and like I got a little taste of what it must be like to be on a panel that may not particularly see things your way and having to give and take a little to make a deadline and make the team work proceed.