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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Avoiding buyers remorse

So it's a sale at your favorite store and you just got paid your eye stops on a tribal print blazer, aqua skinny jeans.....and you're faced with the question of what to put back when you look at the plethora of must haves in your your arms. When faced with this dilemma the best thing to do is visualize your existing wardrobe and ask what items can go with what you already have?
We all get excited at the fact that this dress was 175 and now it's 60 as our selling point but then when we reach home we're hit with the inevitable buyers remorse when we realize we spent a lot of money on bargain items that don't go with anything. As you know with new seasons come new trends and they don't always marry well with last seasons stuff. So we as the consumer and fashion lovers have to think through our purchases or face the consequences. Sometimes if you're lucky a simple thing like an accessory can tie a look together , a belt for instance. Pairing, mixing and matching of prints and textures is something any self respecting fashion lover should know how to do and do it right.
So my advice is, as you walk through the store plan complete outfits of a mix of what you have and what you see and the cloud of regret won't hang over you at the end of the day.
So enjoy your sale, eat before you go and think before you buy. Xoxo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

So this was a while ago so I'm sure you've developed your own opinions of what was stunning and what was lackluster on the stars of the red carpet that night. One thing I observed that was commonly lacking was the styling; the gowns were beautiful and the hair a hot mess. Now firstly it's the Golden Globes and don't get me wrong there is no crime to wearing you hair out to such an event but like everything there is a way to do it.



Get the point, tousled hair isn't appropriate for GG, the Grammys maybe but not here.

My best dressed (no I am not indulging in worse dressed, I think they're been ripped to threads enough ) :

Red Carpet Globes: Helen MirrenMegan Fox, Brian Austin GreenAmy AdamsAnne HathawayJennifer Garner

Love them or hate them, they look well  put together from hair to dress. Kate Hudson dresses to he rliking and it shows she look confident and polished and Megan Fox didnt she just  have a baby? Where did the weight go. I f we could all be so lucky.