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Monday, July 30, 2012

Street Fashion

Who is she, you may ask, Caroline Issa Tank Magazine's executive fashion director . I myself never heard of her until a little while ago, but I'm always drawn to accidental fashionistas, the average person's style captured and reviewed to reveal pairings of quirky and unconventional items that make cute ensembles. Women after my own heart where fashion is concerned. Mixing and matching, thrift store items with brand names and designers and instead of letting the clothes wear you, make it your own. 

The most stylish people are often those who don't follow trends but go by their own rules, they may buy current items but they don't let it be a "must have". A few celebrities that go against the grain and I love their style are, Gwen Steffani, Nicole Richie; the list can go on but I can't think of any others at he moment. 

Fashion is always changing, details are always moving around the body, erogenous zones, preppy, bohemian, classic, any style dress can be mixed and matched in one wardrobe though some stick to one, most like to mix it up according to mood.

Have fun with it. Fashion doesn't always have to be taken seriously, don't be afraid to mix prints, take chances. Clothes are a form of expression.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Almost There

It's coming to an end, the diploma segment of my schooling and it's nerve racking. What if I fail some random subject that doesn't allow me to move on? My Fashion History exam was... well it was interesting. I guess I'll have to see how that turns out as it will allow me to also do the workshop for the other segment of fashion history, contemporary fashion. I am so grateful for the opportunity, I don't want to let anyone down, but my fate lies in their hands now. So only time will tell what is to come. Wish me luck guys