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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Note to All Women

Hello my fashion inspired and art loving people, who think beyond the box that the world has conformed for us to be caged in. It is inevitable that to be relevant you must be seen, heard and most importantly look fabulous at all times. I had an interesting conversation with a woman whose knowledge and wisdom I admire and it was amazing how much we thought about certain issues in the same light. It's amazing that though the world is so big and we are just one in billions of people inhabiting this planet we still find ourselves thinking we're the only person that thinks and feels the way we do about things but there are so many people just like us out there. 
Being a woman I have no idea why I am so often baffled at how petty and mean women can be to each other. Why is it when a girlfriend of ours looks good we bite our tongues or make a joke about it instead of the truth "you look nice today". Is it really that hard? The other common reaction is to giggle and talk about her with another friend. I live by the words that "women need to support each other/ stick together". We live in a world of gorgeous skinny models and celebs plastered on magazines and it's beautiful yes and we want to be that woman but we aren't all of the same genes and some of us have curves and so what, take pride in that and use that. Keep healthy, exercise, dress for your shape, brush your hair, wear make up if you like. It's amazing that when you take pride in how you look and you look good, you feel good. Life's too short and youth is also too short to go about looking frumpy and bashing those who try. We are all gorgeous, we just need to give ourselves the opportunity to shine.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

words to be inspired by

"A woman looks MOST BEAUTIFUL when you can see her PASSION. "
_Yves Saint Laurent     

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Met Gala 2012

I always look forward to this event every year as it is one of if not the only event where the sky's the limit with fashion choices. I must admit I was a little disappointed this year, but fashion is taking a beating as head designers have changed over the past 2 years and well whatever other reasons unforeseen it was what it was. However,there were still a list of favourites that I'd like to acknowledge in their greatness. 

Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton didn't disappoint as Cate  Blanchett looked phenomenal in this black Ostrich feathers.

Another favourite of mine was Leighton Meester and reason being that she is usually on the "not to do" list when it comes to styling and on this night I must say she went up on my list wearing this beautiful sort of champaign/nude coloured Marchesa.

Diane Kruger wore this beautiful purple gown by Prada with ostrich feathers to the bottom of the dress which gave it such a dramatic feel, it was a little ill fitting to the top area but none the less gorgeous.

Kate Bosworth took a youthful fresh appeal to the night wearing a twist to the little black dress by Prada, which was completely covered in Ostrich feathers

Now don't get me wrong I'm not usually a fan of this designer but I have to give him the credit this time. Jessica Alba looked stunning in this gold draped dress by Michael Kors. She looked like a goddess and what woman doesn't want that.

Bright colours at these events always stay with me, but they have to be done tastefully and I must say quite a few celebs did this. My faves of the night with this particular style were Emma Roberts in Escada, January Jones in Atelier Versace, Katherine McPhee in Elie Saab, Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier and Emily Blunt in Calvin Klein. 
Emma Roberts - Celebs on the Red Carpet at the Met Gala in NYC 2

And last but not least the handful that wore the elegant and sophisticated sleek look; Gisele Bundchen in  black, beaded and belted gown by Givenchy, Rooney Mara a black lace belted dress also by Givenchy.

P.S: I don't care what anyone says but they are who they are and aren't afraid of what the media has to say and I love them for it so here's to Mary Kate Olsen in The Row, Rhianna in Tom Ford and Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen. Cheers to you.