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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello my fabulous people. We are all beautiful and fabulous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Well I've been a bit busy with school starting thins week. Yes its my second year. It's exciting, scary and a whole lot of other emotions rumbling together, lol. I sometimes hold so high an expectation of what to expect I get a bit carried away.
Anyway I though I'd share my final garment with you. It was not an easy task and I'm sorry I can't give you the step by step guide. However I can tell you it's cut on the bias (that means cut diagonally on the grain) so when you look at the fabric up close the weave will look like an x instead of a cross. Hope that helps a bit. I am still struggling with sewing myself and trying to get the hang of all that I'm learning, So hopefully sooner rather than later I can share a lot more with you.
It was one of those assignments where you had to choose an artist and be inspired by the piece and do your own interpretation of it on the fabric. I chose Picasso. It was supposed to be black and white but in design you make it work so now it's blue.

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