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Monday, December 14, 2015

How We Can Support Local in an Online World

I must admit between the leaving the house, traffic, waiting in lines and all other variables in between it is sometimes a daunting task to get out of the house to shop. Enter "online shopping"; you can search through a store by a scroll and a click away from purchasing and waiting for the items to reach your doorstep is like Christmas throughout the year.
As easy and alluring as this option may be it hurts our local economy and well the environment but that's a totally other conversation. I for one love unique pieces and I am aware that we may not all be able to afford local designers or so it may seem but there are so many ways to support our fellow designers/talents. Go to their events, word of mouth is all a way to support. Knowing all the work and love that goes into our local branded designers and how they try to reach us (the consumer) to get what they are trying to say and also what they are trying to do  which is make a fashion industry for Trinidad and not only that, one that will stand the test of time. In order for that to be achieved and for Trinidad to have a voice in the fashion world our local talents need support. 
 So here is my little contribution: 

I can gush about this man's talent for days because he is. Super clean aesthetic, minimal elegance. He showed his 2014 collection in New York Fashion Week and you can find him at the shop @Normandie 

Flowy, femine, upscale are words that come to mind with CLD. Seasoned in retail she really understands the wants and needs of her clientele. Her collections are often inspired by powerful women figures which makes her design all the more likeable. Her woman is confident and knows what she wants and looks fierce doing it. She's shown in Amsterdam fashion week, New York fashion week and is a force to be reckoned with.

Her thorough knowledge of construction shows in her superbly executed pieces. It's quirky but sleek black and white with bursts of colour. Her Let's Paint! Full collection was shown in New York on The Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Gallery Platform. A tip of the iceberg of her endless talent. You can also find her at The Shop @ Normandie

Jewellery made for the girl who likes that one piece of jewellery she wears with everything. She's bold and assertive but totally lovable. You can feel the love and sentiment behind each piece. In sharp shapes and jagged edges that can only be explained as Haute Savage.

Remember the name as she just signed in collaboration with 212 location. It's the aesthetic that's sexy with elements of one of the guys that any girl can appreciate in her closet. 

Prints, prints, prints. Bold, vibrant and graphic. James Hackett's years or art and graphic design isn't held back in his fabrics. The imaginative story behind the design of each collection that tells a story in each like a beloved series that has you at the edge of your seat waiting to see whats the outcome in the next. Check out his work @BlueBasin and see for yourself.  

Unique hand crafted jewellery in gold and silver with real semiprecious stones, her creations are really something to own and hand down to your children. From necklaces, to midi rings and bracelets. Her years of graphic design only enhances her approach to design. From her collaboration with CLD for her KIS collection you can also find her work showcased at CLD.

Designs both children and women's clothing- her prints are a subtle nod to the Caribbean showing her creative and unique approach to the easy laid back attire of the people but in a very approachable way. As a mom I can totally relate to her aesthetic (the chic version of put on and out the door). Found @BlueBasin
Which brings me to another favourite of mine

From her ingenious fabric jewellery to her shift dresses with pockets (i love pockets btw) to her maxis and the list goes on. She also approaches design in an easy going aesthetic but with vibrant pops of colour and geometric and tribal prints. She's also collaborating with Anya Ayoung-Chee for Lost Tribe Carnival. Found @nomorefashionvictims @shopshari

Jewellery for a cause to keep the nesting grounds of the leatherback turtle to make a difference and change the path of their extinction. The beads are made from the discarded bottles found in these areas and money made from items is put right back into the project.

The quintessential island girl in African prints and more that make for good statement pieces in your wardrobe. Easy going and sexy, founded by the Wadada twins and right on the Avenue.

Now this list isn't the tip of the iceberg of the many talented designers there are out there in our beloved Trinidad and Tobago but you get where I'm coming from. If you're really interested in supporting our locals they can sometimes be found from UpMarket to Racked, Fashion Focus events and now Magazine and lots more keep in touch with events on Facebook. When you go to the events you find the new and upcoming with the seasoned designers showcasing their work and you can't help but fall in love with each designer's designs and mix and matching them in your head with what's in you closet.
From going to these events I have met a few of the designers personally and they are all hard workers, passionate about what they do, just like Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Kate Spade etc. we can give our locals a fighting chance to make a name for themselves and our country in an unforgiving industry. They make wonderful gifts (as Christmas is around the corner).

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