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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jacqueline Durran

Movies, we watch sometimes them with sentiment of some childhood story or hero being brought to life on film, for entertainment, to escape the day to day if just for an hour and have a laugh or two. The there are movies that take you to w whole different realm of art, creativity and intellect.

I was looking forward to Pan to see what angles they'd tell the tale and of course the graphics and as I sat watching the first few minutes it seemed promising and then in walks Hugh Jackman as Black Beard's for his first scene and I was hooked. The ruffled, tiered detailing  at the back,  the armor like body and feathers at neckline and cuff. I was completely mesmerized; the last time I did this was for Alice In Wonderland. I immediately looked up the costume designer and Jacqueline Durran's name came up. The British designer was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume and won a Satelite Award for her work In Pride and Prejudice and also won an Academy award, Oscar,  BAFTA Award and Costume Designers Guild Award for her work in Ana Karenina. Won Costume Designers Guild Award for Atonement and BAFTA Award for Vera Drake. I haven't even mentioned the numerous nominations she's also received. 

A lot of work goes into each film we see no matter how horrible or fantastic it may be, many elements come together to make that movie possible. And as a person who admires fashion and the work that goes into it I always appreciate good costume design. What was the inspiration, the material used and how each piece got fit into the personality of each character casted. 
I'm not quite sure what tribe she got her inspiration from but the beautifully vibrant colours and costumes textured with feathers and yarns was truly sight to see.

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