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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Trend Fashion Show 212 location & Blaanix

Last night was "The Trend", held at the Cascadia Hotel and I must applaud Yosiaha Fletcher for his innovative idea of hosting such an event inviting both elite and the people that shop at his store. It really would spread great word of mouth of the covetable pieces that walked the runway. It was a theme of khaki, navy, olive green and white with pops of pale greens and light blues. Ladies ensembles were accessorized with wrap around belts and halter suspender belts. The women's looks were a collection of resort chic with over-sized shirt dresses, full skirts, flowy high low skirts, crisp button down shirts, high waisted pants and was topped of with lace tops and sheer skirts if your head is spinning with oooos and ahs well so was mine from graphics print tops and dresses to simple knit dresses it had something for ever taste and every occasion. For this season I really suggest you go check them out before all the good stuff is gone in your size because everyone was buzzing at the nights end. It was however a bit difficult to see shoes in detail but form what I did see they were cute and of variable styles I don't know if they had any but if they didn't I would have liked to see some mules as they are on trend this season and would pair so well with a lot of the styles put together.

I will end this note by saying if you want to see pictures of show check out Bain Photography this week and judge for your self. I think more boutiques should have shows like this to showcase how pieces hang on a real person, how it can be styled to help the customer envision themselves in the day to day items. It made me want to buy a lot more than I would have if I just saw it on a hanger. Fantastic job, Fantastic marketing.
Photos courtesy Bain Photography 

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