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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trend Or Foe

So we all know that fashion can leave us with buyers remorse as we're taken up in the moment that we find pieces we must have in our closets. Well.... here's the catch to that reasoning; when we unpack our mounds of bags we've purchased we realize we've gone over budget and we really didn't need that cashmere scarf that cost $500.
The key to trends is that it sometimes lasts for a few months and then it's onto the next one and your left with an item you're lackluster about. Don't feed into all trends, pick and choose according to your body type, personal style and what you already have in your closet. Visualize your closet when shopping and take a truthful friend with you to confirm your doubts on an item you're lingering on. Bell bottoms, pheasant tops,  acid wash jeans are all trends that stay on short term and leave us feeling "What was I thinking?". If you're really set on being on trend buy the cheaper versions if you don't intend on wearing it when it's out of season because $300 is far more to spend on a jeans you'll only wear one or two time as opposed to $50. Trends tend to make or break you; it can leave a hole in your wallet or it can add a piece to your wardrobe that can be a staple.
I often see people wear a trend let's say it's the high waisted pants and not take into consideration their height, their size (yes the belly bulge) or the styling of it. Trends have to be well executed and personalized to look good on a person you also have to be honest with yourself. if you're short and apple shaped with skinny legs and you wear a baloony top (pheasant top etc) you'll make yourself look like a lollipop. The key is to work with your figure, balance it out. So for a an apple shape a structured top and a fuller pants or skirt would balance out your frame.
That's why their are so many fashion bloggers out there showing you that you control your style you can wear Prabal Gurung, H&M, Lanvin and Forever21 all in the same outfit. You just need to really listen to yourself and what makes you feel and look chic, your best self, mix and match. It takes time for some people years but you'll get the hang of it once you stop bombarding yourself with what's in and listening to what makes this ensemble you. Because you are what you wear, people judge you on your appearance and how you style yourself.
If you're lost on what to wear pinterest is the bomb for it's visual sharing, blogs
and the list goes on, and you can always check the fashion section of magazines like vogue, elle, marie claire.
Happy shopping everyone =)

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