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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

So it's the year 2014 and it's a clean slate on all things including fashion. Our resolutions can hold so much promise to new beginnings, our new more improved selves, whether it be a new wardrobe or just an extra effort on our part to make ourselves look more put together. It's time for us to rustle thorough our closets and decide what to keep and what to give away. Note to keep in mind; try on the clothes it will make the decision easier.

You are your own agent and how you present yourself to the world is what the world will perceive you to be; so if you wear curlers and a stained sweatshirt with gym shorts two sizes too big well you'll be perceived as (to put it lightly) "a hot mess".

Work clothes don't have to be boring cliche 2 or 3 piece suits made from unbreathable polyester (picture 1), it can emulate your personality just as well as your casual wear by mixing and matching and choosing richer looking fabrics (picture 2), well structured dresses are nice as well (picture 3). Make a vow to spend some time on your hair (it may not always be easy but it finishes your look), educate yourself on styles that suit your face. Remember a well put together ensemble makes you look professional and confident because you care about how you look which reflects on your company. So let this be one of your resolutions to brand yourself age appropriately out with the old in with the new. Key pieces like blazers and dresses (that fit you) need to occupy your closet.


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