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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ode to Fashion

Ah fashion, how you tease and tantalise the taste buds of everyone that's involved. You know no boundaries and always challenge us to rethink the form and shape the fabric takes on a form e. Comme de Garcons 1997 Spring/Summer collection. We try to make clothes a true art form and defy it's wearability e.g Leigh Bowery. Somehow we cannot break from the passion we have to see the outcome of the chaos in our minds come to reality on the dress form but it is what drives us. Whether it's a beautiful print or a structured masterpiece, or whimsical femininty marching down the runway you make each season worth looking forward to. New creations, ideas manifested and portrayed in the contained chaos that is an ensemble. I can never grow bored of you.

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