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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Taylor Swift's Ongoing Lawsuit?

Infringement on copyright for company Lucky 13? Isn't there a team that scouts out the names of brands etc. before a person or that level of celebrity comes out with their merchandise? But all that aside, oh geeze really? It really goes to a next level when people sue others for whatever grounds. 
I suppose it's a good publicity boost for whoever never heard of the company before so they should really be paying her right? LOL

I really don't get it? To quote " her grown up image overlaps with their customer base". Ugh ok then, so their  "Die young stay beautiful" tees are so uplifting right? If I were the judge I'd just dismiss the whole thing. If anything her squeaky clean demeanor can give their punk edge a "goody goody" rep? 

Move on people is all I have to say about that whole thing it's clear they have nothing better to do with their time. You judge for yourself.

Taylor Swift's Tee

Lucky 13's Tee

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