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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"What Is My Style?"

Trends come and go with each season but one thing remains the same, your style. Never give into the fads as they're there, use your initiative in choosing items. Take into consideration your shape, style and fit. 


Coming from the Caribbean I am not to keen on the stereotypical shape types as pear,apple, triangle, square etc. I am convinced it's just as bad as the myth of one size fits all. With seeing so many shapes mixed up firsthand I think it's safe to say no two women are alike exactly in shape because though they may seem that way a dress that looks good on one may not look good on the other. "Why is that?" you ask. It's because these three points are intertwined and can't be done without the other. I've seen it time and time again. An example would be that you associate yourself with a celebrity around your build for inspiration let's say it's Jennifer Lopez. Quite often Jennifer and Beyonce would be compared as they may have similar body traits but if Jennifer and Beyonce were to wear the same ensembles it wouldn't be pulled off the same way. Which brings me to my next point... 


Styling is the inevitable hit or miss of a look. Everything comes into play for the complete look. The accessories, the hair, makeup and the one thing that gets underplayed in critiquing is "the attitude" to wear the ensemble and no the other way around. Your style is how people identify you, can know who you are and know whether or not they want to get to know you better. When people say things like fashion isn't important or relevant I wonder if they've really thought through the statement. Doesn't everyone wear clothes? Whether or not they wear it correctly is debatable. But we all have a NEED for clothes so why not give credit where it's due? For your big interview you live by the tried and true "first impressions last forever" so you wear your best work clothes to give a good impression. Anyway I'm straying a bit 


It doesn't matter how gorgeous a dress is, once it's ill fitted it has the opposite effect. A well tailored suit looks so much more polished and sophisticated than a mass produced one size fits all suit. If you're on a budget, however, you should source a good tailor/seamstress to source whenever you buy items that need to be taken in or let out when you do buy the mass produced clothes. If you choose wisely in the end it may look even more expensive than the designer brand just because it FITS you the way it's supposed to.

So in conclusion don't give into the hype of the season and buy 10 pairs of harem pants just because it's the item of the season, not taking into consideration the points above. Love your body, dress your body the way it is not the way you wish it to be and it will make the whole process a lot easier. Be honest with yourself; as a mother of two I wouldn't wear low rise jeans and a crop top if I feel uncomfortable doing so instead I may wear high waisted pants and a crop top. Know your body and what makes you look your best, showcase your best assets (tastefully and age appropriately) whether it's toned legs or sculpted arms. We are all beautiful remember that, so always dress your best.

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