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Friday, November 7, 2014

Ode to Fashion

 Ah fashion, like an old friend you welcome me into the tight knit circle that appreciates you for all that you offer. You drape so tantalizingly on the stylized mannequins behind the glass out of reach but approachable by just a slide of a card or a rustled exchange of paper for the silks, linens and cashmere by which you were so designed. An ongoing love hate relationship where your trends become fads and some become classic staples that must reside in the closet of everyone who's ever appreciated and have adapted the talent of piecing you together in ensembles that are ingenious pairings of old and new, luxurious and bargain, hard and soft, grunge and preppy ......

 You speak volumes of the wearers tastes of lack thereof, their wealth, their ability to compromise, who's showy and whose understated, relaxed or uptight. Though many may reject your importance and scoff at those who do, you are worn by all no matter how tattered, ill fitting or hideous it was all designed by someone. No matter how trivial the piece its a stepping stone to a greater piece. No matter how they reject you it's inevitable that in order to succeed you must dress the part. 

 It's always exciting to see you strewn across magazines come September Issue and strutting down the runways in all your manifests. To think it all started with an idea and then conceptualized into reality within a matter of impossible deadlines by some of the most elite of designers e.g Balmain, Prabal Gurung, Pringle of Scotland,Vivienne Westwod, Diane Von Furstenburg, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and the list goes on of talented artists with a vision of the story you will tell for each season. You will always be my passion and my appreciation will never waver. 
What are your views? How has fashion impacted your life? Leave a comment below would love to hear your story.

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