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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer Trends 2014

As the seasons change and the fashion of yesterday become irrelevant yet again we are faced with the challenge of the little bit of pounds we still have to shed before summer officially starts to fit into our beachwear and the barely there summer wear. I swear some trends should never see the light of day again but they come full circle and we find ourselves talking about iridescent ensembles that strut the spring 2014 catwalk  but the real challenge is how a true fashionista would rock the look with her own twist. But aside from that majority rules that the summer trend is strong but feminine. Like Derek Lam for instance the lines are clearly feminine  but the structure to it is far from cookie cutter and the prints are strong and add to the story of the woman he's portraying.
Love the colour story of Apu-Jan as coral is such a flattering colour on most if not all women.
The feminine and chic workings of Badgley Mishchka absolutely love
I always love this season as I can most relate to the shedding of the darker hues for prettier tones that can only be seen in the summer, the whimsical dresses and shortened hemlines and beautifully disheveled hair with fresh makeup.

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