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Monday, October 1, 2012

Emmys 2012

Yes I know this is late and I'm sorry about that but I'm giving you my spin on the Emmy Red Carpet looks. There were trends of sheer layered over solid, neons, sparkle and wrong hair/styling for ensemble. I have no idea as to why it is believed that messy dos work with architectural or whimsical pieces it just ends up looking like shaggy the dog, sorry but it's true. I know girls want to look romantic and whatnot but it is sometimes best to stick with more kept, sleek looks with a dress that has texture, structure, or whimsical it's sometimes to cliché. Example of styling gone bad (sorry guys you are beautiful women but this looks wrong)
 Look of the Day photo | Julie BowenLook of the Day photo | Kaley CuocoLook of the Day photo | Heidi KlumLook of the Day photo | Sarah Hyland

Also not because it's in fashion doesn't mean you have to wear it and hire a stylist that knows what looks good on you, there were a lot of what is she wearing moments on that red carpet, it's very difficult to perfect a look for every award show but with a good stylist that does their research to ensure that you are also not wearing the same dress as many have before or on the same night is a keeper. Being in the public eye is a very critical business that's why you also have to listen to your gut and if you think you look like a bird then speak up because how could celebrities look in the mirror before they leave for a show and not see what all the fashion critics see as soon as they set foot on that red carpet that'll have to be a serious case of denial.


Look of the Day photo | Nicole KidmanLook of the Day photo | Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de RossiLook of the Day photo | Christina HendricksLook of the Day photo | Lena HeadeyLook of the Day photo | Emilia ClarkeLook of the Day photo | Kristen WiigLook of the Day photo | Elisabeth MossLook of the Day photo | Martha PlimptonLook of the Day photo | Ashley JuddLook of the Day photo | Lena DunhamLook of the Day photo | Edie FalcoLook of the Day photo | Amy PoehlerLook of the Day photo | Glenn CloseLook of the Day photo | Amanda PeetLook of the Day photo | Zosia Mamet

It come down to ill fit, colour washing you out, dated looks, looks that are too young or old for you ans the mere fact that dress for the occasion.

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