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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Women Stop the Hate

Peter Elias put up the pictures of the Kim Kardashian photo shoot for W magazine on FB and as I browsed the comments below the pictures my heart sank. I mean don't get me wrong I believe that your body is a private and sacred thing that shouldn't be for the eyes of everyone to see and she did put herself out there to be judged BUT we as women should not drag each other down with hurtful negative comments about our bodies etc. I actually saw ugly as a comment. Wow! Can you be more atrocious in your choice of words? I think women already have to second guess their worth due to the pressures we feel when we're with men as we feel there is always someone who's going to be younger, more attractive and better body who's going to catch their attention and why wouldn't they if  that's how we feel? We should build each other up, tell the other how beautiful she is, never ugly or fat. Why zone in on what we call flaws when there are so many  things that make us beautiful people on the inside and out. So what you have a flat butt or vice versa, you have a space in your teeth, bushy eyebrows, voluptuous, boy figure....who cares. If everyone was the same the world would look like stepford wives. Who wants that? Beauty is in the flaws, in the things that make us unique in the outlook we have on life and the people that we meet. Focus on your inner self as well girls because you could be the most beautiful woman to look at and nothing on the inside to love. So STOP the hate, jealousy, greed and love instead, life is way too short to linger on what everyone else has that we want. Be grateful for life and what you already have been tremendously blessed with and that's LIFE.

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