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Friday, October 16, 2015

Charu Lochan Dass KIS Collection

I was both honoured and thrilled to be invited to local talent of Trinidad Charu Lochan Dass also known as CLD. As onlookers waited in anticipation for her creations to be revealed they chattered and socialized, some donned cld's passed collection pieces. The who's who, artistic peers and fashion lovers all alike attended. The upbeat sounds blared as the models were introduced by Navneet Boodhai and the wait was well worth it as the navy and white prints and crisp white designs graced the runway. The collection really mirrored the effortlessly chic style of it's inspiration Kathryn and Sean Inniss. Kathryn has launched a makeup brand LunaMar Cosmetics with long time friend Oriana Morales Sabga. Ensembles you throw on and immediately reform your mood. It made me think of vacationing in St Tropez.Also the launch of her new men's line was quite impressively not in plaid and also had peekaboo details of prints sewn under the yoke of the translucent fabrics which added a nice touch as well as piping details in unsuspecting places.

The collaboration with Angelique Jones of Studio Angelique was a perfect marriage that really emphasized the decadence with a gold and turquoise pieces and pops of red, it was absolutely exquisite. But the most impressive part was the price tag. Yes I said it. The luxury of the flowy dresses and skirts with peekaboo slits and coy sexiness is within your grasp with items as low as the $700s the pristine craftsmanship is well below its value in labour and if I were you I'd take advantage of this and buy one of as many pieces as possible. Don't believe me, see for yourself ......


N.B: I do apologize for blurred pics they were taken with my phone

At the end designer Charu graciously thanked everyone despite her being under the weather. She also went on to explain that it is from Kathryn being a powerhouse woman and going against the odds and quitting her job to pursue her own business along with having two little ones in tow is what inspired her for this collection. She also spoke of her collaboration of Angelique's jewellery and how much she loved her work and was happy for the union of talents that came together to make the night possible. Names included Bago Magazine, Bain Photography,The Boat Grand Slam etc. Here's a picture of the vote of thanks to all those involved...

There was also a pop up shop for those who wanted to buy right after event where people buzzed about the evening and socialized. It really was an evening to remember.

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